Trivial Pursuit

A few days ago I was playing Trivial Pursuit with a good friend of mine. Every now and again we get together to play, and every New Year's Eve we play with a group of friends while we wait for the ball to drop. So, getting together with my friend and playing was sort of like a little practice session. I personally love trivia of any kind.

Have you ever noticed the odd words that are used in the questions? Seriously, who uses the word warbled? I have never once in my life heard someone say, "Hey have you heard that new song that 50 Cent warbled? It's the shizzle!" No one I know uses that word in everyday conversation.

A question taken directly from a Trivial Pursuit card:
What dog breed's four billion olfactory receptors let it track a trail of single cells left by its quarry?
Say what?! Who talks like this? If they wanted us, really wanted us, to understand the question they would have worded it something like this: What dog has the greatest sense of smell known to man? That I understand. Not all this olfactory receptors and single cell craziness. I believe that one of the reasons the questions are written in that manner is to trip up the players, and it really works especially after a few cocktails.

So you've been playing Trivial Pursuit for hours and hours. Finally you have just answered a question that has earned the last pie piece to complete your token. "Yes!" you exclaim pumping your fists in the air but then your opponent reminds you that in order to win you have to make your way back through the wheel and land exactly in the center. Then you need to answer a question of their choice. No big deal you say to yourself. And now the real torture begins. It wasn't enough with the odd words and the questions you had to decipher. They didn't even give you a decoder ring. Or the grueling hours you have put into this game. No, that wasn't enough for the creators of Trivial Pursuit. Now your focus is getting to that middle hub, as they call it, and answer one final question that no one on the planet knows the answer to. So you land in the hub for the first time after five attempts and your opponent being the person they are reads you a question from the category you are the worst in:
What gigantic estuary was formed when rising sea levels flooded the mouth of the Susquehana River?
What is an estuary? And where in the world is the Susquehana River? Does such a river exist? Smacking your palm to your forehead because you know it's going to take another two hours of rolling the dice to get back into the hub, you yell out in desperation "Oh hell I don't know. The Hoover Dam!" Wrong, of course. Eventually you manage to answer a question correctly in the hub and are declared winner. It's now the year 2010, but hey you are the Trivial Pursuit master.

I love this game, even though it gets on my last nerve with the crazy way they word questions and how they seemingly do not use words that come from the English language. I always have a blast playing and this year I think I will be purchasing the Seinfeld version to mix it up a bit on New Year's Eve.

Are you a Trivial Pursuit fan too or a trivia buff?

Answers to the above questions respectively: A. Bloodhound B. Chesapeake Bay


Rachelle said...

I suck at Trivial Pursuit but I love Seinfeld. I am so crashing your party if you buy that.

NathanKP said...

Sounds like a fascinating game. I've actually never played it, but its sounds neat!

gypsyscarlett said...

I love trivia pursuit. My family owned like five different versions.

Yes- I remember the horror of trying to land smack in the center for the last question. It would take eons- then you'd get it wrong. Argh!!!!

matt said...

ah bless trivia pursuit it seems its been around since the dawn of time. its always nice to hear words from the ye all english language. i havea sudden urge to play a priate version of trivia pursuit.

Gottawrite Girl said...

Hey there, and nice to virtually meet you... I love your quote of the week, btw... thank God for good habits.

buRNINGwindmill said...

God bless those olden day words, god not bless words such as 'shizzle!'

whats a shizzle?

Ching Ya said...

I never played that game, but I have a feeling I'm gonna be pretty bad at it. Oh well, most importantly is to have fun! =)

CJ, I'm gonna present you an award! For I've always enjoyed your writings and wonderful posts. Do drop by my blog and claim your award. =) Congrats!

novelist in training said...

I love trivia games. I play it on New Year's Eve too. One of my cousin throws a party & we play & she tells me I'm freakish with all the random bits of things I know, lol.

Good luck with your games & I hope you find a decoder ring;)