Grand Old Party? What's so grand about the GOP?

We all knew this was coming, did we not? The GOP has been hatching this shutdown for three years. They wanted it and now they have it. But they sure do not want to be blamed for it. Who else is the American public supposed to blame? It's not the Senate. Or the House Democrats. Or the President. It's the Grand Old Party. Some grand old party. A bunch of high-paid, old indeed, men throwing temper tantrums like three year old because they are still upset Obamacare was acted into Congress. 

You sat there, smug, in your hundred dollar suits sending over budget stipulations knowing full well the Senate would not pass your budgetary demands. This is about the budget, not Obamacare or any other of your silly requests. 

Now that you have successfully shut down the Government you and your cohort will remain on Capitol Hill continuing to receive your pay checks and your benefits while the public servants are forced to go home or work without pay until you can be brought to your knees and made to pass a budget. It is you who sit at the White House who should be working without pay not the people who struggle each and every day just to put a meal on the table or clothes on their child's back. 

And now you want to placate the American people by re-opening the Government in a piecemeal fashion. Why did you even bother to shut down the Government in the first place? Has your late night into the wee hours of the morning clouded your judgement? Have you begun to rethink your ideological crusade? 

What lesson are you trying to instill in the American public? That you can and will shut down the Government simply because you can? To what end? 

Stop playing these childish games. Act like the men and women we voted into office to represent the people.