Le-Vel Thrive and the Amazing DFT patch

Nearly 15 days ago I embarked on a journey. After reading Facebook post after Facebook post from my cousin in Upstate NY about how she was having a "Thrivetastic day" or she was "Thriving" or how she cleaned this and that, did five loads of laundry, sent her kid off to school, and did grocery shopping before 10am I HAD to check it out.

What I found was a revolutionary nutritional delivery system like nothing on the market today and if it did all that these "thrivers" said it did I wanted some. Yesterday. The concept was simple. Take two capsules when you wake up on an empty stomach. In 20 to 40 minutes drink a shake and slap on your DFT foam patch. Good to go.

I bought the month supply on a Saturday and waiting eagerly until it arrived the following Wednesday. I had to wait one more night before I could try this mood enhancing, weight management, and metabolic support nutrition system. As it were I was going to my parents' house that Thursday morning to dog sit for them so when I woke up I did as instructed and left the house with my DFT patch on my shoulder. Since I wasn't really doing much I don't know that I noticed any changes, but I did notice that when 3pm came I wasn't being lulled into a nap. Instead I felt alert and clear-minded.

Fast forward to last night when I got home I cooked dinner and then cleaned the house like I was having company come over. Over the past 15 days I have had more energy throughout the day and I still sleep really well. I wake up every morning before my 5:15am alarm ready to get out of bed and start the day.

My mission now is to get everyone I know to try this amazing product so they too can feel what it means to have a Thrivetastic day!