Finding your hidden Superhero

Last night I picked up the September issue of Oprah's magazine that my friend gave to me after she was finished with it and came across an article entitled "Are you on the right course?" The article follows a life-coach who takes three ordinary women and helps them see the Superhero inside.

It was the second woman that I identified most with. The life-coach called her a "Clever Critic." This person has numerous ideas, but always finds a good reason that they cannot happen. I am constantly writing in my head, but never actually put those thoughts, ideas, or stories to paper because I think to myself that there are TONS, literally tons, of authors out there, and even more bloggers, so I ask myself "Why would anyone want to read my stuff? I'm a nobody and besides my writing isn't that great." And then all my creativity, my desire to write, and to express myself ceases in that moment. I switch my mind to something easier and less reveling of myself and ultimately never write.

The solution to my problem is a simple one, in theory. Write. Never stop writing no matter how silly I think it sounds or how many other people out there have blogged about it, or written a story similar to it. I have realized that by asking myself "Why would anyone want to read my stuff?" and telling myself I am not worthy of sharing my writing with others that I have crippled my ego and lessened my self worth in my own eyes. I have become the worst critic; I stifle creativity before it has a chance to live. So, I must take off my critic glasses and write just to write. They always say write your first draft with your heart. I spend far too much time critiquing my first draft that it never makes it to the final draft.

I don't know that being an author or writer or even a blogger is my hidden Superhero, but it sure is a good start.

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Pheng said...

Writing is a great way for self-expression. Don't let the fact that what other people think to stop you from writing and verbalize your inner feeling. I am glad that you like to write as well, keep up the good work.