A Letter To Santa

December 22, 2008

Dear Santa,

I know it has been eons since I've written you, but I felt compelled this year. I have been good, so I am confident that I am on your 'good list.' With that said I have a couple of Christmas wishes.

This year for Christmas I would love a Nintendo Wii. You might think that I am too old for such a gift, but let me tell you that the Wii is the BEST thing that Nintendo invented. I have to admit when I first saw it I wasn't impressed, but ever since I played it at a friend's house I am in love. Tennis is great, and even though I don't bowl in real life I love Wii Bowling. I would also like a digital camera. I think I am one of the last humans on this great earth that does not have one. Any make or model will do. I'm not picky. My cell phone just isn't cutting it anymore.

Thank you Santa for reading my letter. I hope that you will be able to deliver these gifts to me on Christmas Eve. My house doesn't have a chimney so you will have to use your magic and go through my sliding glass window.

Oh, and one last thing. Please make sure that my family gets their Christmas wishes granted too. If nothing else, that's what I would like most this year.

CJ Harley


Sadie said...

ooh - a Wii!! I want one... I'd love to get Wii Fit. I've never played one, but they look so fun on TV. We have a GameCube, and I used to have a PlayStation 2 and an XBox before my ex took them. *sigh* Oh, well.

I hope you get what you ask for!! I know Santa reads blogs. He's gotta keep up with the times. ;-)

Bob Johnson said...

Lol, good one, a Wii, they are still a hot commodity, I stood in line for hours last year to get my Daughter, my Boss and a couple relatives one, I don't have one, got a PS3 and xbox360, but they are a great system, great interaction, and when you box, it gives you a real good work out, lots of fun.

ps, this year I've stood in line a few time for the Wii fit,lol.

jillewheeler said...

Oooh, I'd like a Wii, too. Or maybe a Nintendo DS. Wii Fit sounds awesome, though.

Dee Langdon - BloggerNewbie said...

Merry Christmas CJ:

I hope Santa was good to you. I used to play Nintendo back in the day, DO NOT get in my way when I am trying to figure out Zelda. I know, my kids, now adults, think that is so lame.

I hope everyone gets what they are looking for.