How many different ways have you eaten turkey since Thanksgiving?

It's been nearly a week since you put 'ol Tom Turkey into the oven and baked him to a fine shade of golden brown. Chances are you bought a turkey big enough to feed the family and to have enough for leftovers. I know I did.

So there you are the day after Thanksgiving standing in front of the open fridge at around noon wondering what to have for lunch. Tom is staring at you from under the foil blanket he has on and you think to yourself,
A turkey sandwich sounds good with some cranberry sauce on it. You pull out Tom cut off a few slices of white meat and throw in a little dark meat for flavor. Not bad. Not bad at all, you think.

Four hours later you find yourself standing in front of the fridge again and good 'ol Tom is staring back at you from beneath his foil blanket. You look and see that you still have enough of the fixings to have another Thanksgiving dinner.
Why not? you say. I'm not tired of turkey, yet.

As the days go on it seems as though every time you open that fridge Tom is looking at you from under his foil blanket, and he doesn't seem to be getting any smaller. By now you have eaten your fair share of turkey sandwiches at work and had enough turkey dinners at home. You have even made turkey tacos because you were getting tired of the old standbys and one morning you threw it into your omelet just because. Then one night after putting Tom back into the fridge it dawns on you. Soup! You smack yourself on the forehead with the palm of your hand and say
Why didn't I think of this fifteen sandwiches ago? As it turns out good 'ol Tom Turkey made an excellent soup and now every time you open the fridge you see that humongous pot of turkey soup staring at you, but that's another post.

How many ways did you eat your leftover turkey? Or are you still eating it?


Jill Wheeler said...

Turkey tacos sound interesting! How did that turn out?

I haven't been eating turkey, but on Monday I saw some already-cooked stuffing on sale at Target. It didn't taste very good. Then I got sick. :( Coincidence?

Katee "e-polishblog" said...

I am embarrassed to report that I actually did not eat any leftovers for the first year ever.

Julie said...

Okay, we had a full Thanksgiving dinner for three straight days, then I couldn't take it anymore.

There is a sandwich shop that is local to Las Vegas, and one of their specialty sandwiches is called "The Bobbie."

It is a white sub roll with turkey (they cook whole turkeys fresh daily) with mayo, cranberry sauce, and stuffing. It is THE BOMB, so we did that one day.

With 4 people in the house, 3 of which are boys/men, the turkey went really fast like that. It's the ham that I made soup out of. Split pea, and it was DELICIOUS!

spyscribbler said...

I love turkey ground up with Miracle Whip and "ham salad" fixings. Yum, yum. Other than that, I let my husband eat it, LOL. :-)

Firecat said...

Being Canadian, I had my turkey dinner in October and because it fell on my adult daughter's birthday, I took all the fixin's to her place to cook dinner. The next day I went to my in-laws for another turkey dinner. Two turkey dinners with no leftovers!

Normally, most of our turkey leftovers get used up in sandwiches; if I'm feeling ambitious I'll make club sandwiches.

Turkey soup freezes really well, BTW. I should know, I think I've still got some in my freezer from last year! :-)

Bob Johnson said...

I could eat turkey 7 days a week, love it, I think there is something in it that makes me sleepy and happy,lol.

Sadie said...

We only had enough to eat it once left-over. We only bought a turkey breast, though, not a whole turkey. :)