Abbott & Costello - "Who's On First?"

December 15, 2008

I'm sure that most everyone has heard of the famous comedy team Abbott & Costello, and surely if you have heard of them then you have heard their most famous routine "Who's On First?"

I think I was about ten or maybe even as old as twelve when I first heard "Who's On First." If memory serves me I was sick and laying in bed when my father came in and brought me a tape. It was all white with black letters on it. He said that it was a comedy routine so I put the tape into my little boom box and hit play. For the next five minutes I could not stop laughing. I had forgotten that my head was stuffed up and that my throat was raw from coughing for the past two days. These two guys were geniuses, I thought. I played that tape over and over again until I cried from laughing so hard.

Years later I was on the phone with a friend of mine who wanted me to help her learn a little Spanish. We were just about to end the phone call:

Me: So, how about drinks after work tomorrow? Que Piensas?
Her: Sure sounds good. What was that you said in Spanish?
Me: Que Piensas?
Her: Oh, what does that mean?
Me: What do you think.
Her: I don't know. What does it mean?
Me: What do you think.
Her: If I knew I would tell you. I thought you said you'd help me with some Spanish.
Me: I am.
Her: Well then what does it mean?
Me: What do you think.
Her: I don't know what it means. That's why I am asking you!!

If you haven't figured it out yet Que piensas means What do you think in Spanish. My friend and I had a good laugh after I finally told her that I had been telling her the meaning the whole time. When I think about that conversation we had, I always think it sounded just like an Abbott & Costello routine.

Go on hit play. You'll laugh until you cry even if you have heard it a million times before.


gypsyscarlett said...

I used to watch all the Abbott and Costello films when I was a kid. Loved them.

Wendy said...

I used to watch them too. We lived in the country and all we could get on TV were a couple of channels with our rabbit ears and sometimes they would get shown late at night. I'd turn them on when everyone else was asleep and put a pillow up to my mouth so my laughing wouldn't wake them up. Those were some good times!

Vennorex said...

that's funny.I never saw Abbott and Costello.Maybe it's because I was born only in 90'.I have to search on youtube after more of this stuff

Ching Ya said...

That's funny.
I'm glad you're the shorter version of the show, I can't imagine if that really happens in real life. =P In another hand, that might be fun too..
Esta bien. =P

Jonathan said...

One of my favourite sketches of all time! (Second of course to all Monty Python)

Thanks for reminding me of it!

Bob Johnson said...

Lol, I love your conversation just as much if not more then the Abbott and Costello one, yours wasn't planned. I still crack up when I see their routine, such a classic and they did it so well.