NaNoWriMo - Update Part Duex

With just over 15,000 words under my belt translating to 30% complete, I survived the first week of NaNoWriMo. There were times when I didn't think I would make my quota for the day, but something inside kept pressing me on. I took election day off so I could watch the race unravel and the next day I was able to catch up adding 4,000 words to my novel. A few more days like that one and I will be well on my road to success.

I have found that doing 30 minute 'word wars' with the other NaNo'ers at Absolute Write is an outstanding way to make me focus and really get to work. In doing these 'word wars' my story has taken a few twists that I did not plan or even think of. The words just came to me as I feverishly typed. And, in the sprint of keeping my inner editor at bay, I ran with those ideas.

Many NaNo'ers are talking about starting on their second drafts in December, but I think I will be following the advice of Stephen King. He waits a minimum of six weeks before he goes back to a manuscript to make his first edit, or second draft as some call it. I want to be completely objectionable when I read my manuscript. I may not be able to wait six weeks, but I'm going to wait at least until the first of the year. It has been very hard to not start reading the novel each time I open the document. I tell myself that I will get a better idea of where I need to go, and then I get slapped back to reality by the writer in me. Write, write, write. Reading is for later. Much later.

My goal for the coming week is 12,000 words or an average of 1715 words a day. If I manage that I will be a little more than 50% done. I will have to kick it up a notch in the third week, but I can do it.

A big Thank You to all who have commented on my previous NaNo update. The enthusiasm and support is appreciated.


Jill Wheeler said...

Stephen King is a wise man. I just reread my NaNo from last year, and man - it's like another person wrote it! I think you're smart to take a while before editing. I'm just so excited about this story! It will be hard to wait. But it's the right thing to do.

Rachelle said...

You are doing great! I am so impressed.

Sadie said...

You still haven't told me what you're writing about! :p

Jen said...

Hey, you're doing great!

Steven King's advice is solid, I think. Now that the high of NaNo is wearing off for me, I think he's correct about waiting. I know I think more clearly and objectively about a piece I've written when I've got some distance from it.

That said, after this weekend, I'm definitely starting work on the outline for the rewrite on the NaNo. I'll probably leave the rewrite itself until after the holidays. In the meantime, I'll do that outline, and maybe a few more as well, so I have something else ready to go when the rewrites are finished. :)